Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cold Wednesday Evening

It has finally turned REALLY cold in K-ville! I did not venture out of the house today. There are not too many days that I can say that. For most days I just have to run to the Post Office, Walmart or the Grocery Store or just somewhere!! LOL!! Believe me, today was not one of those days. Hubby stopped at the grocery store on his way home to pick up salad greens, so I decided to start dinner and make myself a cup of tea while I was waiting for him. I have actually had a very busy week and it's hard to believe that it is already Wednesday.

The other day I read a post by Karen of KM Primitives and I really got inspired to clean and organize my craft room! I told a friend yesterday that it was driving me crazy that my room looks like it threw up fabric, paint and wood. So, this week in between working on orders, I have been trying to figure out a's not easy when you do as many different crafts as I do, but IT IS going to happen! One way or the other! Thanks so much, Karen! One day I will post pics of my work area.

Yesterday, I woke up early and started grunging candles. I usually multi-task when I do that so I decided to make hearts from old and recycled quilts. I grunged them and baked them in the oven between doing the candles. This is how they turned out. They probably won't be on my web site, but if anyone is interested in them....the smaller ones are $3.00 each and the larger ones are $4.50 each. Grungy muslin is on the back of each. Do you love the way they turned out???

I'll post pics tomorrow of a new pillar candle that I did. And a few that I did for Valentines Day.

Okay, it's getting late and I still have a few things left to do. Still waiting on someone to give me some ideas for Valentines Saying.

Until next time.



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Karen said...

Evening Shari!
Thanks for visiting my Blog and commenting!
I know you can do it girl! Just take your time.
I do some grunging as well but not in the craft room - there's no sink there so I do it all in the kitchen but need to pick it all up when done cuz small houses get cluttered fast.
Love your darling hearts!