Friday, January 2, 2009

The decorations are put away.............

A few more pics to share......................

Crock Bench in Foyer. I think it always seems a little empty after taking down all the decorations.

Christmas 2008 outside on a windy day. Trying to decide what to do for January. I already have my plan for February. Maybe just some snowmen???? I wish I could leave my wreaths on the windows all the time. It has such a cozy feeling, don't ya think?

Alex and Miss Elle....My 2 favorite people in a fun button frame. This is one of the sweetest pictures they have ever had together. I will put it in an everyday frame and keep it out all year.

This is probably one of my favorite pics ever. I never got around to selling this sign on my web site this year (just made a few for me and a couple for friends), so I thought I would take one last picture of it so maybe I could do a Christmas in July or something. Just happened to notice when I was cropping it that my hubby is peeking thru the window. Too Funny! He will probably kill me if he sees this, but I think it is too funny not to share!

Be back soon.


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Karen said...

Hi Shari, well, you did what we did all day - took down decorations.
I love the wreaths on your windows and I think they can stay up for awhile yet - and your home is adorable.