Thursday, January 15, 2009

Freezin' in NC

I thought yesterday was cold....but it's gonna be in the teens here tonight! Way too cold for us. It's in the low 20's now and it's not even 10:00. It will be colder than a well digger by morning.

As promised yesterday, I am posting picture of the huge candle I grunged. It is really nice in person, not as light as the picture. It's kinda hard to see the primness of it, but maybe you can get the jest of it. This probably won't be on my site, it's too heavy for the flat shipping charges. But, as usual, if you're interested, send me an email.
I have 4 and they're $16.50 each plus shipping. (5 inches tall, 6 inches across with 4 wicks. )The patchwork candle quilt is $8.99 and will be on my web site soon. The rag balls are already on there.

This was another project that I finished up today. I must say, there are advantages to cleaning out and cleaning up in the craft room. I have found more treasures that I had completely forgotten about. It's really quite funny! This little grapevine tree and lites have been around since at least 2007, maybe longer. Just never got around to putting the pieces together. I think I'll keep this one for myself. Christmas is over, but I think it'll be out all year long.

Thursdays are my favorite night to watch TV and my shows are on.... So I'm gonna run for now.

Stop by my web site soon and try to STAY WARM!

Until next time.




Sandy said...

I would so LOVE to see temperatures of 20 right now...we are hitting record breaking temps reaching -38 to -40...Now that is cold. We can hear the decks just cracking and popping because of it being so cold. Is Spring almost here???

Karen said...

Wow, wish our temps were as warm as We were at MINUS 14 when we got up this morning and it never got above the MINUS...horrible cold.

Love your new creations!