Thursday, October 2, 2008

Candle Box

Just finished up this candle box and I think it turned out fabulous! I think it will one of my homemade favorites! I actually made one for myself! Comes with the three grungy candles, but I love the little homespun bag sitting with it....maybe I will soon offer the little bags on my site.
Today, was another cool, Fall-like day in K-ville. Tomorrow I am going to decorate my porch. Just haven't had time this week. Can't believe that tomorrow is FRIDAY already!!!
There are still random gas shortages locally. It gets a little scary when all the stations are out. Hopefully, this will be the last week for this. I have post-poned going to Walnut Cove & to see Mom and Dad, until things get a little better. Didn't leave the house for several days and that's a little unusual for me! Just trying to do my part...and conserve a little.
New pics tomorrow, so be sure and take a peek!
Until next time.


Karen said...

Shari the candle box is adorable.

Wow, we don't have the gas shortage thing going on here...sorry you have to endure it.


Sandy said...

Oh I love the candle box and the little bag. How cute and primed!

I hope the gas shortage does not last to long for you. I am happy that it is not happening here in Canada and hopefully it wont. After being tied up in a house for so many days, it's time to get out.