Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend IS Over...............

Man, just went outside a few minutes ago & it feels more like Winter than Fall. The temperature has really dropped since the sun went down. It was overall a nice day in K-ville...a great day for homemade chilli. The only problem is it's really hard to make enough for just 2 people! We have enough left to last for days! Oh well, maybe Cait will eat some tomorrow.

In the next few days there will a few things on my web site that I have on hand, ready to ship. Normally, everything is made to order, so it's really nice that there are items that can ship right away. Some of these treasures were actually left over from a craft show. And most will be wonderful bargains, so look for these in the coming days. This is one of the many goodies that will be available.
Off to change the special for the week on my web site. For some reason, I totally forgot about it today! LOL !!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Until next time,

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Raggedy Angel said...

I think all NC girls cooked chili yesterday! I will be having it for luch today to! Beth