Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Evening

It was a beautiful day in K-ville today. Almost too nice to stay indoors! I worked on orders early in the day and then decided to go visit my Mom & Dad. I have been planning to go all week and just got around to doing it today. I must say that it was INTERESTING trip! They live about 45 minutes away ( not sure how many miles) in a small community out from High Point ( the Furniture Capitol of the world). Anyway, there was only ONE station that had any gas!! It is getting a little serious in our area. Some of the stations are going for days at a time without any gas at all and then only getting 1/2 of what they need. I don't know...I may be conserving for another few weeks.
Gonna run for now and check out this new show on Sci-fi called Sanctuary with Amanda Tapping (from Stargate-SG1, my all time favorite show).
I'll post pics tomorrow of my Fall decorating and more.
Until next time.


Shari Kraft said...

It's so funny writing to you...if feels like I'm writing to myself! I'm so glad you came to visit! Don't forget...I'm doing featured crafters each week. If you want a spot let me know. I'm booked until the first week of Nov.
Have a fab weekend. I'll be taking lots of pics at the craft show! You can count on it!

Shari said...

Love to be featured crafter!