Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Freezin' Tuesday

I think it's Wintertime in K-ville today. Fall has suddenely disappeared. It has really turned cold and a little breezy. We finally turned on our heat last night. I thought I was to freeze, the low was like 32 degrees or so.
This is the daily special on my web site. Totally forgot to change it last night. My brain was used up after seeing the babies yesterday! But, anyway this is it.....

Only $9.49 for a limited time. You never know what it'll be next time.

I have some other rather exciting news! I have another ad in Create and Decorate magazine! Not sure when it came out, but I bought my issue yesterday. Diane did a fabulous job with the lay-out. I can't wait to do another one, only bigger next time!

There I am in the right upper corner!

That's all for now!

Until next time.




Sandy said...

The new Create&Decorate Magazine is out??? Oh I have to go and get it...lol. I love that magazine, lots of wonderful free crafts and reading.

I will have to look you up in it.


Barb King of Prairie Harvest Arts said...

That is so great! I will go to check it out asap. Happy for you!!!