Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pasta Day

Another perfect Fall day with lots of sunshine and trees with every shade of rust, orange and gold leaves that you can imagine. The kind of day you could sit on your front porch and just ENJOY!

I didn't accomplish a great deal today. I have plenty to do with the orders on hand. But, my morning got off to a rocky start and I never quite recovered. Woke up way before daylight and just didn't feel too good. Kinda like that all day until the evening rolled around. It was around dinner time that I started feeling better. Bill & I had our usual pasta tonight, plain old spagetti ( his favorite) with meat sauce, tossed salad & garlic bread. We have some type of pasta every Wednesday without fail and we have had this ritual for years and years. LOL!! My family knows NOT to eat pasta for lunch on Wednesdays, cause regardless they'll have it again for dinner. One meal during the week that I never have to ponder over, it's already planned.

The special of the week on my web site is changing DAILY until Halloween! You never know what it might be and when it might change. What Fun!

Tomorrow, I'll have more to say and pictures to post, until then.


1 comment:

Karen said...

Shari, we all have days like this...maybe wwe need them!
I know I do - it gives my head a rest, well and my body too because I'm always going a mile a minute.
Hope you took the off day to enjoy.