Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday Evening

Another fabulous day in K-ville! I would say that the weather has been almost perfect for the past few days.
There wasn't alot accomplished around here today. Guess that's what weekends are for, huh?Spent some time working on orders and then doing pretty much nothing. I did a little cleaning up, but not even much of that. Thought about planting some pansies, but couldn't make a decision about those either. All one color or a mix??? Maybe later in the week....
A few friends of mine did craft shows this weekend. I didn't go to either, but now I kinda wish I would have. Retha from Cinnamon Creek Primitives did really well at the Brushy Mountain Apple Festival. My other friend, Bobbie hasn't called yet to let me know how she did in Lake Norman.
I'm really looking forward to going to the Autumn Leaves festival next weekend. Retha has a booth there as well. I have been several times in the past and it is a fabulous show!! Can always find something to bring home with me from there. LOL!!

I did make and put this up today in my Living Room. I have this really wide doorway leading to my breakfast nook & its hanging there near the cathedral ceiling. Sign is over 48 inches wide...

Until next time.

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