Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday Web Site Special

First of all, I want thank everyone who has made a comment or signed the guestbook here or on my web site. They all mean more entries in this months contest! And it is so fun to see who says what or who signs the guestbooks!

Tonight, Bill & I had some fabulous brunswick stew for dinner. He stopped on his way home and picked it up along with hushpuppies. It was such a good day for it. By the time Thursday rolls around, we are both so tired that we just want to chill for a while and go to bed. LOL!

This is Thursday's Web Site Special.....

You can find it here:

I am changing the special every day until Halloween! So check it out. You never know what it might be!

The OOAK Sale items on my web site are going fast!!! Some as soon as I get them listed. Keep checking for those, as I will be adding more thru the weekend. Check them out here:

There's a couple of new Christmas items that I am getting ready to put on my site , so look for those as well! Lots to look at and I look forward to hearing from you all!

Until next time.



1 comment:

Karen said...

Brunswick Stew! I can't remember what that is....and I know I should know. What a great husband doing that great gesture for you....don't you just love hush puppies?
I'm off to check out your specials on your site.