Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tuesday Evening

Happy Fall!
For years and years, I decorated this wonderful woodland tree for the Holidays and for everyday too. It stayed up year round in my house. When the kids grew up and moved on and we actually moved to a smaller house, it wasn't fun anymore to bring out all the decorations. So, I didn't make the effort. But, I decided this year after a long while of NOT doing any decorating for Fall that I would try my hand at it again.
I was just talking to my friend Bobbie telling her it's so hard to get a picture that shows how wonderful this tree really is! It stands over 7 1/2 feet tall & fits perfectly in the corner of my foyer. This is the first thing you see when you walk in my front door. A real "conversation starter".
The ornaments are varied from wood to glass with leaves and pip berries to fill in. Little ties made from homespun are a nice prim touch. A few rusty stars and pinecones are permanent items as are the mini white lights that we turn on at night. The pumpkin is one my own creations!
Thought you might enjoy seeing it!
Until next time.

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Shari Kraft said...

I have 3 little trees that look just like yours. It's so much fun to decorate. I don't have my kids around anymore, so I kinda feel the same way you used to. BUT...I just bought 3 pumpkins and by golly...I'm gonna decorate! Bah humbug!