Friday, October 31, 2008


Hope everyone is having a HAPPY and SAFE HALLOWEEN!

The morning started out quite chilly in K-Ville, but as the day progressed it was warm & sunny. And tonight was perfect for the trick or treaters! We have actually had several this evening. Gave out lots of treats to the little ones. They are so cute and soooo very excited!
I went to Walnut Cove bright and early this morning with My Mom & Dad. They have decided to get a booth at Just Plain Country and sell some Primitve Wares. They have some fabulous goodies and I can't wait to see how they do. And to make things even better, their space is right beside of mine.

We also went to Stuart, VA to the second location of Just Plain Country. It is a huge store filled to the brim with antiques and all kinds of collectibles. It was a really nice drive up there, curves and all. There were still lots of Fall colors. Wish I would have taken my camera. The trees were just beautiful!

This is my Friday Favorite Find for this week...a very old , extremely long handled, iron skillet. Actually found this today in Stuart and just had to have it. I think it is fabulous. Haven't decided where it is going to live yet, but thought y'all might want to see it. Overall, it's about 50 inches tall, yep 50 inches! It's a very unique piece and I have to find just the right spot for it.

That's about all for now. Gonna watch the Starter Wife on USA in a little while. It's another one of my Friday Favorites. LOL!

Until next time.




Karen said...

Very cool item Shari, don't thin I have ever seen one like this...I assume it's used for open fires like outside or a fireplace????

Pam at Antique or Not said...

Shari -

Love your special skillet! What a neat find.

By the way, I have an award for you! Pop over to my blog to pick it up!