Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Little Red Chair Redo....

It was really nice today in Kernersville, warm with lots of sunshine. I spent a little bit of time outside, but most of the day I had orders to work on. Lots of candles had to be grunged & most of the day something was baking in the oven! Unfortunately, it was only tea dyed muslin and some old quilt pieces. By special request, I made an angel like I had donated a while back to Baby Mallory's Auction and I had to bake the entire piece. It turned out really nice & I am pleased with it. ( Much later this evening, brownies were in the oven baking, yummy!)

Well, finally decided what color I wanted to paint my little (red) chair! It was a tough decision for me. LOL! Had it been for any other room....it would have been black without a doubt. But, with the colors in the bathroom, I didn't think I would be satisfied unless it was blue. So, I found a navy that I thought would work & this is what I came up with. First, I sanded it and removed most of the flaking paint. Then I sprayed it with a primer and after ample drying time, the navy blue. It still wasn't the look I wanted, so I sponged it with burnt umber. Just what it needed! I love the way it looks now.

Brownies are ready and I'm off to get them out of the oven!

Until next time.



Karen said...

Shari, how cute. I turned out very nice.

Countrygal said...

Hi Shari,
well this is my first time and I'd like to enter your monthly draw.
I so love the way you talk about everyday life..I had dinner tonight with some friends and they told us how beautiful North Carolina is..I hope to visit it sometime in the future.


Raggedy Angel said...

Looks great, I am sure it will be perfect in your bath! Beth

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi Shari,
I just found your blog from "Karen":)
Love the chair redo looks like it will go so well.

Sandy said...

I love how your chair turned out. Now I can't wait to see it in the Bathroom all decked out.