Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday Evening

It was a much nicer day in K-ville today, although it is really quite chilly. I finally had a chance to get back to my flower garden and finish up with my pansies. The mulch had been sitting there all week begging me to spread it all around the scrubs & flowers. So, today I could take it no longer, put on my gloves and got down to business! What a difference with everything in place. And as far as I can tell, not a single one of the 72 pansies has died. They have some growing to do, but it probably won't take too long. I'll try to take a picture tomorrow.

I worked on some new Christmas goodies this morning. There will be pictures in the coming days.

Thanks to all that have commented! A little follow-up on yesterdays post. I have had some really good ideas on the chair that I 'm still not sure exactly what I want to do, so I thought I show it with the shower curtain............

I'm gonna sleep on it and see what I think in the morning. Would really like to paint it tomorrow and finish up in there.

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Until next time,


kim said...

it would look nice painted navy(if found) or the black!

Sandy said...

I think that nice red/burgundy color would go well but I am still sticking with my gut feeling and saying black. But nothing says you couldn't put a seat cushion of some sort with blues/red/ on.
I'm thinking one of those round woven mats for chairs :)