Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday Night

Today was the perfect Fall day in K-ville. Lots of sunshine with just a slight breeze. I spent the morning in Greensboro looking for supplies, mainly solid black homespun. With Halloween around the corner, it's impossible to find....and I need a lot of it. So, I ordered a bolt of it & got only 9 yards. Bummer!!! Already used that up.
Other things going on...........

Several months ago, I bought this wonderful new computer sewing machine because I knew mine was on its last leg! Finally, today after trying everything I could think of to get it to sew~my old Janome just couldn't go any further! I have had it since (maybe) 1995 and let me tell you it has done a ton of sewing over the years. So much that the feed dogs are worn down!! That is a lot of stitchin'!! So, I spent the afternoon learning to use the new one. What a difference in technology! This new one can almost sew by itself. Lots and Lots of fancy stitches~just have to learn how to use them! LOL!! There is a wonderful blanket stitch that I can't wait to use. It actually can be done in both directions~pretty nifty.

Oh, another thing it's RED for the heart truth! Definately a selling feature for me!
Gonna go play for a little while longer.

Until next time,



Raggedy Angel said...

Hello...nice to find another prim NC girl...just got a new machine myself! Beth

Shari said...

Beth, just checked out your blog! Fabulous! I have added you to my list!